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Amplitude modulation

Amplitude Modulation tutorial & AM radio transmitter circuit

This video covers the history of the discovery of radio waves, to the creation of simple oscillator based radio transmitters. Then I explain what modulation and amplitude modulation are, and show you how to build a low powered AM radio transmitter out of a TL072 dual op amp IC.

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Frequency Modulation tutorial and FM radio transmitter circuit

This video explains what frequency modulation (FM) is and shows a simple low powered FM radio transmitter circuit you can build. It has a range of about 20 meters. PCB        Design files

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Switch mode power supply buck converter

Switch mode power supply tutorial: DC-DC buck converters

Switch mode power supplies are a more efficient way to regulate voltage than linear regulators. In this video I explain buck converters, which are a type of switch mode power supply used to step down voltage. I also show you how to build a 5V 5A power supply using an LM2678. Parts list (Octopart) Schematic:

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adjustable dc to dc converter

Adjustable switch mode power supply tutorial

This video explains the purpose of feedback resistors in a buck converter circuit and shows you how to calculate them. Then I show you how to build a high current adjustable power supply using an LM2678 and a potentiometer. Parts list: LM2678T-ADJ: Input electrolytic cap: Output electrolytic cap: Input and output ceramic […]

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boost converter

DC-DC Boost converter tutorial

In this tutorial I explain DC-DC boost converters – a type of circuit used to step up voltage in an efficient manner. Towards the end I show how to construct a 50 watt adjustable boost converter circuit. Parts list: LT1370HV: Electrolytic capacitors: Input and output ceramic caps:!?q=UMK325BJ106MM-T Schottky diode: 10uH inductor: […]

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Class D amplifier

Class D Amplifier Tutorial

There are many different types of amplifiers. The most commonly used in audio are class A, AB and D. Class D amplifiers are inherently efficient reaching efficiencies >90%. This video shows you how class D amplifiers work, and how to build your own 2x15W stereo amplifier on a breadboard. Class D amp kit mentioned in […]

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H bridge

H Bridge Motor Speed Controller Tutorial

An H bridge is a type of circuit that you can use to control the direction of electric motors. In this video I show you how an H bridge works and show you how to build one that can control the speed and direction of a brushed DC motor using PWM. Parts list: NE555 timer: […]

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Accelerometer tutorial - what is an accelerometer?

How an accelerometer works!

Have you ever wondered how your phone’s tilt sensing function works? It uses a device called an accelerometer. In this video I explain some basic concepts of MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) and show you some MEMS dies under a microscope. Then I explain how these tiny structures can be used to sense acceleration. Accelerometer math

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12v dc to 12v ac inverter

Don’t build this 12V DC to 120V AC inverter circuit

A description of how a popular 12V DC to 120/240V AC inverter circuit works and its MANY limitations. Watch this video before you build inverter circuits you find online else you risk damaging your equipment!

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robotic cat toy

Robotic cat toy

I made a robotic cat toy to keep my cat out of trouble. The project was built around the Axon microcontroller board and most of the effort was all in the software. The source code and project files are here, intended to be compiled with AVR Studio, AVR GCC and AVRlib. For more info about […]

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Siglent SSA3000X

Siglent SSA3032X Spectrum Analyzer Review & Experiments

Afroman reviews Siglent’s SSA3000X series spectrum analyzer and all the options. There is some info about RF measurements for beginners and some usage experiments are also performed. Firmware version ==========TABLE OF CONTENTS======== 0:00 Intro 0:33 Unboxing and discussion of inputs 1:24 Screen 1:59 Build quality, fan noise, user interface 5:35 AM and FM demodulation […]

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