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Inductor basics – What is an inductor?

This video covers the basics of inductors – how they work and what effects they have on electronic circuits. A quick low pass LC filter example is given.

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Inductance basics

This video covers what inductance is, the units (henries), and how inductance increases when a core material is used.

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Fun with ultracapacitors!

So I recently got hold of some 2600F (no that is not a typo) ultracapacitors with an insanely low ESR of 0.7 milliohms, meaning they can discharge hundreds of amps even at low voltages. This video shows you some of the mayhem I got up to, and teaches some important capacitor formulas along the way. […]

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photoresistor laser tripwire

Photoresistor tutorial and Laser tripwire circuit

This video shows you what a photoresistor is, where to get one, and how to use one to turn a transistor on and off. You can then use the circuit to build a laser tripwire, just like in the movies! When the laser beam gets broken, you can toggle whatever you want.

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Amp-hour watt-hour battery capacity

Battery amp-hour, watt-hour and C rating tutorial

You may have seen batteries with things like “2000mAh” written on them before. This refers to the capacity of the battery, i.e. how much juice it can hold. In this video I explain Ah (amp-hours), Wh (watt-hours) and C ratings of batteries.

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What is an oscillator? Oscillator tutorial in HD!

Oscillators are a fundamental building block in electronics. You use them as part of generating radio waves, controlling the speed of digital processors, generating synth music and more. But to start out with you might just want to try blinking an LED on and off. This video will show you some basic square wave and […]

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function generator

Function Generator Tutorial – What is a function generator / signal generator?

Function generators are handy gadgets that generate waveforms. You can use them to generate sine waves, square waves, triangle waves etc of varying frequencies. The video explains why this can be useful, and shows you where you can buy a function generator for cheap. Incidentally, this kit was my first function generator.

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How to charge a LiPo battery

How to charge a LiPo battery with a power supply

How to charge a single cell lithium ion or lithium polymer battery with an adjustable, current limiting bench power supply.

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