The Afrotechmods Youtube channel typically receives 600k views and gains over 5k new subscribers every month. The website receives >70k pageviews per month. If you are looking to build brand awareness for your electronics or technology related company, this is the place to do it.

The domain was registered in 2001 and has been linked by Slashdot, Reddit, BoingBoing, Hackaday, Engadget, Gizmodo, Digg and countless more. The SEO value of a link from Afrotech can propel an unheard of new business onto the front page of Google search results within a few weeks and significantly enhance rankings for established businesses.

The following advertising placements on are now available on a no-contract pre-paid monthly basis. I use a special WordPress widget that does not get ad-blocked.

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Video sponsorships are also available starting at $2k (depending on length) and can expect to get 100k-1M high attention video views ($2-$20 CPM).

Contact for more details.