Wireless Power to the People – Wireless Charging 101

An introduction to the world of modern wireless power electronics with practical engineering demo circuits.

This is a complete course hosted on udemy including over an hour of video lectures and knowledge testing quizzes. In this course will learn the basics of the different types of wireless power being researched and developed today. Spoiler alert: Some of them work a lot better than others! You will start out by learning the basics of magnetic induction. Then I will show you the power of resonance. Soon you will learn how to build a simple wireless powered LED. Things are really going to get interesting when you learn how to increase the power and range of the system and wirelessly power LEDs, motors, fans and more up to 30cm away! And for the final project we’re going to upgrade USB powered devices to be charged with wireless power.

If you have ever wondered how wireless charging works, this course is for you.

By the end of the course you will know how to wirelessly power any electronic device up to 4 watts! The basic principles taught in this course will scale to higher power levels if you choose to continue work in this field.

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