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adjustable dc to dc converter

Adjustable switch mode power supply tutorial

This video explains the purpose of feedback resistors in a buck converter circuit and shows you how to calculate them. Then I show you how to build a high current adjustable power supply using an LM2678 and a potentiometer. Parts list: LM2678T-ADJ: http://octopart.com/lm2678t-adjnopb-texas+instruments-15290279 Input electrolytic cap: http://octopart.com/eeu-fm1h221-ecg-208642 Output electrolytic cap: http://octopart.com/eeu-fr1c102b-panasonic-18987619 Input and output ceramic […]

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Switch mode power supply buck converter

Switch mode power supply tutorial: DC-DC buck converters

Switch mode power supplies are a more efficient way to regulate voltage than linear regulators. In this video I explain buck converters, which are a type of switch mode power supply used to step down voltage. I also show you how to build a 5V 5A power supply using an LM2678. Parts list (Octopart) Schematic:

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