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Inductive spiking

Inductive spiking tutorial

When switching inductive loads you have to put a diode in antiparallel with the load, else you risk blowing up your transistor due to inductive spiking. This video explains it all. Bonus: Here is an online circuit simulator that you can use to simulate inductive spiking behaviour.

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Passive RL low pass filter tutorial

This video shows how you can use RL filters to filter out high frequency signals. An example audio crossover circuit for a woofer speaker is given.

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Inductance basics

This video covers what inductance is, the units (henries), and how inductance increases when a core material is used.

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Inductor basics – What is an inductor?

This video covers the basics of inductors – how they work and what effects they have on electronic circuits. A quick low pass LC filter example is given.

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