12v dc to 12v ac inverter

Don’t build this 12V DC to 120V AC inverter circuit

A description of how a popular 12V DC to 120/240V AC inverter circuit works and its MANY limitations. Watch this video before you build inverter circuits you find online else you risk damaging your equipment!

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PFET reverse voltage polarity protection

How to protect circuits from reversed voltage polarity!

This video shows different ways you can protect your circuit from backwards power connections. Diodes, schottky diodes and P channel MOSFETs are discussed.

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Transistor / MOSFET

Transistor / MOSFET tutorial

How to use an N channel MOSFET to turn anything on and off. Also, remember to put a 100k resistor between gate and ground if you want your FET to stay off by default!

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Transformers LED artwork

Here’s a piece of Transformers related artwork that I made a few years ago. If you ever watched the 80s cartoon show, you may like it. The hardware is pretty simple – it’s an array of LEDs in series, being PWM dimmed with a couple of transistors. An external 20V supply powers the whole thing. […]

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Pulse Width Modulation

What is PWM? Pulse Width Modulation Tutorial in HD

PWM circuits are fun. You can use them to dim LEDs, control the speed of fans and motors, control the power going to a thermoelectric cooler, or control the power going to pretty much anything you want. Just make sure that you don’t exceed the maximum voltage rating of your device. The video explains it […]

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