Tag: operational amplifier

Peak detector circuit tutorial

Peak detectors are used when you have a rapidly changing AC input signal, and you want to obtain the peak voltage the signal reaches. Peak detectors are really simple to make – just a diode and a capacitor in their simplest form. In the video I give an example where I use a peak detector […]

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comparator circuits

Op amp comparator tutorial and clapper circuit

Comparators are a very handy circuit block that everyone should know. The basic idea is that you have a reference voltage, and as your input goes above or below that voltage, the output of the comparator goes high or low. In the video I give an example clapper circuit that toggles an LED on and […]

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op amp

What is an op amp? Operational Amplifier tutorial & super spy microphone circuit

Ever since the best decade of all time, the 1970s, people have been able to buy amplifiers in all-in-one chips rather than having to make them out of lots of discrete transistors. This video shows you the basics of op amps and has an example circuit where you build an amplifier to take a tiny […]

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