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Resistance and Ohm's law

Basic Electricity – Resistance and Ohm’s law

A tutorial on the basics of resistance, resistors, and Ohm’s law which describes the relationship between voltage, current and resistance. I also show you how to build a simple resistor + LED circuit. 300 LEDs for $13 500 resistors for $12 9V battery clips Adjustable power supply Ohmnilabs

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4 wire measurement

4 wire (Kelvin) resistance measurement tutorial

Most multimeters will allow you to measure resistances in the 1 ohm to megahohm range with a high degree of accuracy. But they are very inaccurate at measuring resistances in the milliohm range. The multimeter’s cable and connector resistances may be more than the resistance you are trying to measure. This video will show you […]

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voltage divider

Voltage divider tutorial

You can use voltage dividers to generate reference voltages, control audio volume, power low powered devices from specific voltages and much more. This video shows you practical voltage divider design issues and shows you the relevant equations.

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Multimeter tutorial

Multimeter tutorial – How to use a multimeter

Everyone who knows anything about electricity will have heard of multimeters. They allow you to measure voltage, current, resistance and more. In this video I show you how to buy a multimeter and how to use it without killing yourself (always a plus). Update: The multimeter shown in the video is no longer available. Here […]

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